The Costa Rica Ambassadors Program is an initiative of the Costa Rican Tourism Board and the Costa Rica Convention Bureau. The program seeks to provide local leaders with a set of activities, tools and services so that they can take part in upcoming events at the national, regional and international levels that may be held in the country. The aim is for these leaders to support the destination and lead the process of increasing the number of meetings held in the country.
In the context of the tourism sector, and meeting tourism in particular, ambassadors must be highly knowledgeable, prestigious, and influential in their field so that they can act as representatives and supporters of Costa Rica as a destination.

The Ambassadors Program has been developed to lead outreach to several sectors, including NGOs and the government, corporate, athletic and academic sectors, as well as social, military, educational, religious and fraternal (SMERF) organizations. It seeks to involve people with high-level contacts in these fields who can initiate the lead-gathering process.

The main reasons for putting this strategic program in place are as follows:

  • The existence in Costa Rica of a high number of professionals with local and international prestige in both the academic and business realms
  • The ambitious initiative to attract meeting tourism to the destination, part of the framework of the ICT’s new strategic plan
  • Costa Rica’s positioning as an unparalleled tourist destination with excellent infrastructure for holding any type of event
  • The construction of the Costa Rica Convention Center, which will allow Costa Rica to compete for large meetings and events with up to 4,000 attendees